Google Fonts

Google Fonts Guide

🦜 This guide aims to help people navigate the requirements and recommendations for contributing to Google Fonts. The contents covered here range from general knowledge to contextualize the what and why of some of the requirements as well as the specifics regarding technical aspects with some suggestions on how to comply with them. It covers different levels of information for both newcomers and more experienced contributors. Therefore, this documentation is not meant to be read at once. If you are already familiar with some of the concepts, for example, some people are more empowered with the use of Github please you can skip some chapters and jump to the other bits that you may be looking for. The guidelines have been separated into small bits to facilitate the search of specific information that you would need at a specific stage of the font production.

Introduction: getting familiar with the basics

The most basic concepts, tools, or knowledge you will need to cover to begin contributing with Google Fonts.

The Upstream Repo: administrate your project files

To improve and facilitate the open collaboration as well as the publishing process, we require a specific structure for your files on the GitHub repository.

Pre-production: Getting your fonts ready for GF

Know the particularities about mastering your font project to meet the Google Fonts specifications and get them ready for production.

Production: compiling your fonts for GF

Context, requirements, and tools to produce the fonts and get them ready for publishing.

The google/fonts repository

Details on the Google Fonts repository that hosts the fonts projects already included in the Catalogue.

Onboarding Fonts to GF

Advanced content for experienced contributors or team members with the details on the publishing process.