Quality Assurance Tools

🐯 This chapter aims to guide designers to have a more automated approach of their binaries quality assurance.

We recommend you install all the tools in a virtual environment, to avoid conflict between packages. Further information is detailed in the Tools and Dependencies section.

For the rest of this chapter, it would be better if you have basic knowledge of:
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Table of contents

Checking the font tabes

Sentence that explain why you would want to check font tables.

Proofing with gftools gen-html

Sentence that explains that gftools allows to proof your binaries + generate screenshots from different browsers

Run gftools gen-html proof --help or gftools gen-html diff --help to see the available options.

Explain here how it is customisable.

Checking with Fontbakery

Brief description of fontbakery Explain the different profiles and the log levels.

Log levels:

Main profiles:

check-googlefonts contains all the check from Universal and Adobe, in addition to vendore specific checks that would only apply to fonts which gets published on Google Fonts. Often users complain of inapropriate fails, but remember that a FAIL for the googlefonts profile may be only specific to Google Fonts API, not all environments.

fontbakery check-googlefonts -l WARN --succinct --ghmarkdown

Run fontbakery [profile] --help to see all the commands.

Some foundries created their own profile to have vendor-specific checks. This is the case of Fontwerk and Font Bureau, and you could do it too with a little bit of python skill!

gftools qa

gftools qa wraps gftools gen-html and fontbakery.

gftools qa -f *.ttf -a -o ~/Desktop/font_QA add -gfb if you want to have a diff with previous published version on Google Fonts.

Add note that images are only available to team members.

Testing web pages:
Testing apps:
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