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🦥 This guide is a technical review of the different requirements related to the catalog/designers directory in the google/fonts repo.

Each credited entity on Google Fonts should have a registered profile in google/fonts/catalog/designers. This profile appears in the Designer subsection in the about section of the specimen page.

You can request the addition or modification of your name, bio, and image using this form.
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Table of contents

How to write the biography

Designer section → Foundry information

The Foundry information is not mandatory for every project, but for those that list one as part of the Authors, e.g. Castoro.

What to include:


Based in New York and London, Commercial Type is a joint venture between Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz, who have collaborated since 2004 on various typeface projects, beginning with the award-winning Guardian Egyptian, through to typefaces for clients worldwide including Vanity Fair; Helsingin Sanomat; T, The New York Times Style Magazine; MoMA; Visa; and Chobani. Commercial Type has also published typefaces that have helped to define the look of the last 10 years, including Graphik, Druk, and Dala Floda.

Designer section → Designer information

What to include:


Greg Gazdowicz (b. 1988) hails from the suburbs of Gaithersburg, Maryland. He studied graphic design at the Maryland Institute College of Art, then completed the Type@Cooper Extended program in 2014, months after joining the design staff of Commercial Type. Greg has designed custom typefaces for Mailchimp, La Republica, Google, and New York magazine, and has released several families through Commercial Type, including Robinson and the ambitious Terza family. Twitter

Registering a designer profile

Once you wrote a biography and you are happy with it, you want it to be added to Google Fonts so that it appears in the #About section of the font family linked to that bio. As a designer or a foundry, you would just have to submit it through this form, and a team member will register the profile for you.

As a developer or a team member, you may want to know the process for registering or updating a new profile. You will find below all the necessary information to that effect.

Technical requirements

Process for adding a designer

  1. Before adding the profile, make sure you have cloned the google/fonts repo into your machine and installed gftools in a virtual environment.

  2. To simplify adding a new profile, we use gftools add-designer script that is part of gftools. It takes the different pieces of information and create a new directory in your local clone
    Team members have access to a spreadsheet linked to this form. They can download the spreadsheet to add it as an argument; it will take the description and the link and format it correctly in bio.html.

    This is a common usage:

    gftools add-designer path/to/local/designer/dir "José María Ribagorda" --img_path path/to/josemariaribagorda.png --spreadsheet path/to/speadsheet.xls
    • If you don’t use the --spreadsheet argument, then the script will insert a blank bio.html that you will have to update manually.

    • If there are several links, make sure there are separated with a bar sign ` `.
  3. You will need to make a manual Pull Request to GF to add the profile to the main repo. Follow the guideline to make PR to google/fonts.

    • Please create one PR per profile.

    • In your PR you should mention a font (one is sufficient) the profile is linked to.

    • Don’t forget to add the labels Designer profile and Ready for review, and add the PR to Traffic Jam (cf The onboarder workflow guide). A team member will review the PR and merge it. Once done, it should appear on the platform in 2-4 weeks.

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