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Adding & Upgrading Fonts to Google Fonts

🐸 Any contributions to Google Fonts should be first submitted through the Google Fonts issue tracker.

Don't forget to search the issue tracker (using keywords) to see if your issue has already been raised before opening a new one. The following links can be used to create different kinds of issues: From time to time, Google Fonts provides financial and design assistance for projects. If you would like to discuss this, please mention that you would like someone to contact you privately when filing an issue (and have contact details on your Github profile page.)
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Table of contents

New Fonts

If you would like to include a new font family in the Google Fonts collection, we’ll be happy to include it if it meets the following criteria and passes a review process:

Under special circumstances, you can request an exception to these requirements.

Font Upgrades

Remember, following the information given in the production requirements, the fonts used on websites via HTTP request to Google Fonts are served from the actual fonts contained in the API. In fact, Google Fonts contains more than a thousand fonts, and serves them to billions of websites. A very important detail to remember is that Google Fonts does not serve more than one version of the same font. This means that once a font is upgraded and in production, the upgrade is served everywhere.

To make sure users are correctly served the upgraded font:

All of these requirements are to be navigated with the statistics of use in mind; exceptions to compatibility requirements can be made for fonts that are not heavily served.

If an upgrade is too much of a change, we can consider onboarding it as a new font with a different family name. We then decide if the old versions remain visible on the catalogue, and/or whether to make the old version unavailable for new users. This allows websites to be served with the old version that they already use, while new requests would get the upgraded versions.

Since all the fonts available are licensed with permission to redistribute subject to the license terms, if you want to have more control over the version of the font you use you can self-host the font using a variety of third-party projects.

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